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Support for Hotmail

  • Hotmail Support

    Problems in setting up & recovery of Hotmail account
    You may fail to remember your hotmail
    Retrieving your Hotmail account
  • Hotmail Support Online

    Optimizing browser for enhanced speed and security
    Assistance in organizing files and folders
    Help with Hotmail POP3 and SMTP configuration
  • Hotmail Help Online

    Restoration of passwords for Hotmail, Windows Live and MSN accounts
    your Hotmail, Windows Live or MSN Accounts
  • Hotmail Email Support

    Inability to filter junk emails.
    Inability to create a .
    Assistance in resetting your .
    Help in blocking unwanted emails.

About Company

Hotmail emails being the first free email providers are one of the most popular among the email users. Almost all the users will have at least one ID created under Hotmail. It is easy and simple to use and can be checked from any location. It is available in 36 different languages. Hence, it is widespread.

Fraudulent emails, email abuse and junk email continue to burden the entire email and inbox ecosystem. To ensure with continued trust of the customers and clients in the use of e-mail Techsaviours has put in place various technologies and policies in place to protect new and old customers

However, Techsaviours completely understand that true and legitimate email senders should be taken care of and not be negatively harmed or affected. To cater to all the issues with respect to this problem we at Techsaviours have come up with various services to allow and support senders in improving their deliverability to Hotmail consumers by actively managing their reputation for sending emails.

Service: Postmaster service

Helps in giving an overview of all the junk email filters and authentic technologies attached to Hotmail account. Benefits: It acts as a starting point for all the questions related in delivering commnicaitons to all Hotmail users. This would include a simple online guide which would provide policies and requirements.

Benefits: It acts as a starting point for all the questions related in delivering commnicaitons to all Hotmail users. This would include a simple online guide which would provide policies and requirements.

Service: Service ID

Benefits: Benefit: An extremely simple and authenticate technology that can be easily used. Helps in leveraging SPF records and improving deliverability by verifying IPs and identity of the users. This allows users to send emails by authenticated domain. We also help in preventing spams and phishers

Service: Return Path Sender: It helps in sending certified emails.

Benefit: Through this service, we will help in creating a “safe sender list” which acts as a third- party accredition for users.

Service: Reporting Program for Junk email

Benefits: We provide a free service to report on junk email issues for Hotmail users. Will return the full message along with headers of any email that is marked as “junk” or “phishing”. Will also provide an opportunity to senders in cleaning their email list and improving quality of their content.

Helps in identifying potential problems with our marketing practices and content. Supports in improving sender reputation by clearing and deleting unwanted subscribers from the list.

Service: Smart Network data

Benefits: It acts as an easy and simple service that helps in providing high level insights on how the users rate their emails received, and the health of IP space which is viewed by Hotmail system.

1. Helps in easy access to data and quick registration.
2. Improves in understanding the rating of emails by easy filteration.
3. Reveals the number of complaints against your email.

Service: Additional support

Benefit: It also provides escalation support in deliverability issues. This information can be searched on Troubleshooting page.

Along with the above services extended we also focus on various other technical help:

1. We support in organizing files and folders for Hotmail.
2. Help in POP3 and SMTP configuration for Hotmail users.
3. Exporting and importing of Hotmail contacts.
4. Support in Hotmail plug-ins.
5. Resolving issues related to mail clients problems.
6. Securing a computer system from malaria and spasm.
7. Support in troubleshooting and other related problems.
8. Cater in setting up multiple accounts with clients.

Our technical support team comprises of well qualified and experienced professional who have intense domain knowledge and excel in customer service and support. Solving a client issue and providing all the technical help acts as their sole motto.

Any other technical support required one can contact us or visit our website.

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